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Steps to Control Weeds

Steps to Control Weeds


Here’s a list of recommendations on how farmers can forestall herbicide resistance with those technologies and improve weed control. 


Farming apps on the market today

Farming apps on the market today

If you strike a comparison between the agricultural apps launched today versus those that were first introduced more than a decade ago, the difference is monumental. The majority of the apps ag professionals downloaded in 2010 performed some basic functions of computing and record keeping, which almost seem archaic compared to the apps of today.

Replenishing the Soil

Replenishing the Soil

Conventional wisdom long holds that tillage is necessary to warm up soils and remove soil moisture in the spring, especially in Northern states.

However, plenty of farmers are stopping tillage and seeing the benefits of improved soil structure, says Caley Gasch, assistant professor of soil health at NDSU. “With less soil disturbance, the soil structure develops. Changes can happen quickly – in three to four years – and you see roots penetrating deeper and exploring more of the soil,” she says. “We’ve had decades of research and know how destructive tillage can be. All you have to do is stop, or back off.”  

Agriculture is Still the Pillar of Progress

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) claims that the economy of Bangladesh is the third fastest-growing major economy in the world and the first in South Asia.

Think Big

Modern agriculture is essential to feed the growing population of around 10 billion by 2050. On the flipside, agriculture is resource intensive, accounting for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of global freshwater withdrawals

Should Caribbean Governments consider helping Farmers align their farming due to changing climate and rainfall patterns?

Climate change is happening across the globe.  We must align crop planning as these changes occur.....

Agriculture Company Indigo thinks Farmers should be leaders in addressing Climate Change

There are 3.6 billion acres of farmland worldwide. Those agricultural acres – and the farmers who operate on them – have a unique opportunity to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it within the soil.  Farmers have the potential to do so by transitioning to a more beneficial agriculture system – including implementing what are commonly referred to as regenerative practices - those that regenerate the soil. These practices include cover cropping, crop rotation, reduced pesticide and fertilizer use, not tilling the soil, and integrating livestock. Many farmers are already using these practices around the world

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture: An Industry Overview (2020-2025)

Maximizing crop yield using machine learning technique is driving the market. Species selection is a tedious process of searching for specific genes that determine the effectiveness of water and nutrients use, adaptation to climate change, disease resistance, as well as nutrients content or a better taste......

Will Tech deliver Growth to Agriculture?

Will Tech deliver Growth to Agriculture?

Connected farming harvests data and gives agriculture a jolt

Investing In Jamaica’s Smallholder Farmers’

According to Jamaica's investment and export promotion agency, JAMPRO, “Investment is needed in climate resistant agricultural practices, which can allow the industry to produce at the potential of 1.4 million tonnes given climatic conditions versus 678,449 tonnes produced in 2018.”

Biden and DNC's Ambitious Goals for Climate and Agriculture Strategies


A growing body of science demonstrates that diversified, organic and regenerative farming approaches are most effective in addressing the climate and other environmental challenges that threaten future food security. Compared with chemical-dependent, soil-depleting monoculture systems that dominate the global farmscape....

Mystery seeds from China!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the concern is that the seeds have arrived in all 50 states in small packages with Chinese writing on the outside, and they could contain viruses or bacteria or they could be an invasive species.